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Barry Allen (JLI).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Bartholomew Allen
Alias Barry
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "New Beginning"

Speaking debut "Rebirth"


Scarlet Speedster[]

Barry Allen was a police detective, and one night an explosion occurred and he was doused with chemicals. He was granted super-speed and became the Flash. He also married his fiance, Iris West.

Justice League[]

When Earth was attacked by an alien robot named Brainiac, seven superheroes were brought together. Flash was one of those heroes. He once nominated Kid Flash for League membership, but it was voted against because he was under eighteen. After Superman's "death" Flash was in favor of keeping the Justice League active. He instead returned to his adventures with KF. During one battle with Professor Zoom, he ran Zoom into the Speedforce and minimized his powers. However, Zoom punched Barry in the face and outran him, leaving him stuck in the Speedforce. Iris never got the chance to tell him that she was pregnant.