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Vital statistics
Real name Wallace "Wally" West
Alias Zippy
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "New Beginning"



Wally's father was abusive of him when he was a child. This led Wally to want to make the world a better place for everyone, not just himself. Eventually his mother reported his father for child abuse and he was arrested.

Kid Flash[]

Wally's uncle-in-law, Barry Allen, took him on a tour of the crime lab, and he saw the chemicals that originally turned Barry into the Flash. The same incident occurred and Wally was turned into a speedster as well.

Wally as Kid Flash

barry felt it was his fault so he allowed Wally to become his sidekick.


Wally and Barry had many adventures together, and they continued after the disbandment of the Justice League. Barry was in a battle with Zoom when Wally was eighteen. Barry ran Zoom into the Speedforce and didn't come out. Zoom did, but Wally took him out and assumed Barry was dead. Wally took up the Flash mantle.

Justice League[]

Batman was unaware that Barry was dead, so when he approached Wally he thought he was talking with Barry. Wally revealed himself and Batman offered him a spot on the League. He accepted and joined Batman and Manhunter.

Alternate Future[]

Wally had raised Barry's son, Perry, but he did not have super-speed. When Perry became a Green Lantern, they lost contact. Perry was shocked to find out that Wally had been killed by Darkseid.