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Vital statistics
Real name Remy LeBeau
Alias Remy Picard
Species Human Mutant
Production details
First appearance "X-Men #20"

Remy LeBeau was born into a family of street thieves. His parents took advantage of his mutant abilities. Eventually, he left them and started making his way to New York.

Living on the road[]

Remy made a living for himself playing the guitar getting money from bystanders. After making almost no money, Remy turned to crime. He used his powers to gain money.


Gambit was confronted by Mystique and her Brotherhood and the offered him a chance to join. He refused and instead approached the team calling themselves the X-Men, seeking redemption.


Gambit was accepted into the X-Men and at first he was shunned by the teenagers, but they eventually looked up to him as an older brother figure.

New Apocalypse[]

In the X-Men's final confrontation with Apocalypse, his essence was passed on into Gambit, turning him into the new Apocalypse, Doomsday. Apocalypse became a hero and joined the X-Men after that. Gambit then turned Cyclops into his First Horseman.