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General Ross
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Vital statistics
Real name Thaddeus Ross
Alias Thunderbolt, Hulkbuster
Age 50
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Hulk #2"


Early Life[]

As a child, Thaddeus was given military training by his father, Josiah Ross. He eventually grew up and joined the army. He became a general and got married.


Ross and his wife had a daughter that they named Betty. But his wife died soon after that. He became distant from Betty until she was thirteen, which was the age he started receiving his training.

Enter the Hulk[]

When Betty's boyfriend turned into the Hulk, Ross had his army hunt him down. He took out most of them but eventually saved Ross's life and they formed an alliance. Hulk began working with the army and the Hulkbusters.


During one mission against the Leader, the Abomination was sent out to dispose of them. He was battling the Hulk, but Ross shot him a couple of times, giving Hulk an opportunity to get inside. However, the Abomination quickly recovered and her beat Ross into the ground until he was dead.