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Ghost Rider
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Vital statistics
Real name Wally West
Alias Mephisto Jr.
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "X-Men #78"

Wally West is the former best friend of Barry Allen and the current host to the Ghost Rider.

Track Star[]

Wally west was a track star along with his best friend, Barry Allen. One day, his father was diagnosed with cancer and he struck a deal with the devil to save him. His father was killed the next day by a burglar, but he was cured of cancer. Wally was transformed into Mephisto's apprentice, the Ghost Rider.

Confrontation with the X-Men[]

After dropping out of school, Wally began a quest across the country against Mephisto. This quest led him to a little neighborhood called Westchester, where Mephisto's demons have been hiding. He found out that the team called the X-Men live in a mansion and he also discovered the Barry was one of the X-Men. He teamed up with them, not telling them who he was. They battled the demons and eventually, Mephisto.


The X-Men were unable to defeat Mephisto, let alone get him back into his dimension. Ghost Rider instead revealed himself and opened a portal to Hell and tackled Mephisto into it. He closed the portal behind him and he was stuck in Hell.

Satan's Messenger[]

Mephisto took control of Wally's mind and made him obey without a second thought. He would be sent into the astral plain to do Mephisto's bidding. Eventually he was sent to collect the soul of Captain America, who was lost after being killed by the Riddler.

Ghost of America[]

When Rider found Cap's spirit he helped Wally fight Mephisto's control. The two of them broke into hell to defeat Mephisto. Unable to beat him, Wally gave the Ghost Rider to Cap. Using this new power, he defeated Mephisto and his soul was set free into heaven. Wally then locked the gates to Hell behind him and rode off into the sunset.