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Ghost Rider
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Vital statistics
Real name Daniel Ketch
Alias Danny Blaze, Carter Slade
Age 21
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Wolverine and the X-Men #1"



Danny was the son of a motorcycle stuntsman, Johnny Blaze, and a woman named Naomi Kale. His mother died in childbirth so he was adopted by the Ketch family. He grew up with a loving family, but little did he know that his father's spirit was bounded to the demon Zarathos.

Ghost Rider[]

When he was sixteen his father died in an accident, so Zarathos jumped into Danny, turning him into the new Ghost Rider. He left his family and search of his past, but he only ended up fighting Hellstorm and losing. He opened a portal to Hell and met Mephisto but he refused to take away the curse, saying that he needs on agent on the Astral Plain. Danny pulls out a gun and shoots Mephisto through head and leaves.

Teaming up with Wolverine[]

While trekking though Kentucky, Ghost Rider encountered Wolverine and Rogue. They fought at first, but they discovered that all of them want answers about their pasts so they agreed to team up and help each other. They all ended up forming close friendships with each other, and Danny and Rogue even fell in love.