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Giant Girl
Giant Girl (Castaways).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Cassandra Lang
Alias Ant-Girl
Age 18
Species Human
Production details
First appearance Castaways #1


Home Reality[]

In her home reality, Cassie and the rest of the Young Avengers became the Avengers after their deaths. She became Giant Girl while Patriot became Captain America, Wiccan became Scarlet Witch, Hulkling became Hulk, Speed became Quicksilver, and Kate became Hawkeye.


Cassie was one of the original six Castaways. The first person she met in the Jungle Beyond Space and Time was Iron Man. They became fast friends and went to the diner with the other four heroes. The Timebroker explained their situation to them and sent them off to their mission.

In this world, Red Skull ruled over America. They broke into three teams and the building Cassie and Peter went to ended up being filled with killer robots. Had the Trickster not sacrificed himself, they probably would have been killed by the robots.

Other Missions[]


  • Cassie is in a relationship with Peter.
  • The Spider-Man in her profile picture is Miles Morales. He was a member of the rival Exiles team, the Renegades. He was killed by Loki.