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Gwen Stacy
Gwen Stacy (Gallery).png
Vital statistics
Real name Gwendolyne Stacy
Alias Gwennie
Age 17
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "The Amazing Spider-Man #1"


Early Life[]

Gwen Stacy has known Peter Parker and Harry Osborn since they were all children. They grew up together and have always been best friends.

High School[]

When they got to High School, Gwen and Peter started dating. He soon told her and Harry that he was Spider-Man. Gwen and Harry would both try their hardest to help him in his adventures as Spider-Man.

Damsel in Distress[]

When word got out to villains that Spider-Man was dating Commissioner Stacy's daughter, they would try to get to her. Harry's father, Norman, who was the Kingpin, also discovered this. He turned himself into the Green Goblin and kidnapped Gwen. He flew her to the George Washington Bridge where he almost killed her, but Spider-Man saved her and stopped Osborn.


Gwen's father was killed by the Lizard soon after. Gwen and Peter broke up and she began dating Harry, but he was killed by his own father. Gwen's mother soon died of cancer and she got back together with Peter and moved in with him.


A couple weeks after she moved in with Peter, she was kidnapped by Venom. She was dropped out of a bell tower and Peter was unable to save her, he managed to catch her body but she was already dead.