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Vital statistics
Real name David Bruce Banner
Alias Bruce
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Hulk #1"

Bruce Banner was a scientist working with Dr. Silas Stone, father of Cyborg.

Gamma Explosion[]

Bruce and Silas were studying the effect of gamma radiation on reptiles. One of their jealous co-workers, Dr. Miles Warren, sabotaged it. On the day Silas was caring for his sick son, Victor. Bruce was studying gamma radiation and snakes but it exploded and he was bombarded with the gamma rays. He mutated into a monster and destroyed the lab. He killed Miles and ran away.


When word got to the government that a new monster had been created, General Ross was right on that. Bruce reverted to normal and went back to the lab for safety. Silas and his finace, Betty, hid him from the government. Bruce told Silas he had to leave, but he wanted him to continue their research. Betty wanted to go with him, but he refused, saying it would be too dangerous. But he added he would return someday.