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Human Torch
Human torch (Amazing Exiles).jpg
Vital statistics
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "A Long Way from Home..."


Johnny' past mirrored that of most every other version of himself, except one fateful day when Dr. Doom somehow acquires magical powers and begins enslaving the city. The FF and the Avengers both attempt to stop him. In the battle he manages to kill Iron Man, Spider-Woman, and Thing. Johnny is enraged and charges at him but Doom blasts an energy beam at Torch and he is plucked from time a second before it hits.

Amazing Exiles[]

Johnny arrives in the nowhere desert along with the rest of the Amazing Exiles. Blink tells them they have been chosen as the new Exiles but some refuse but Johnny eventually accepts.

Johnny's First Mission[]

The Exiles were brought to a reality where Purple Man was able to enslave the whole world through Iron Man. Johnny, along with the others, were attacked by Purple Man's body guards, Thor and Hulk. Johnny and Rogue take on Thor. Panther and Ace execute the mission so Johnny, along with the others, is plucked into a new reality.

Other Missions[]