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Human Torch
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Vital statistics
Species Human
Production details
First appearance Astonishing Exiles #1


Little is known about Johnny's past except that the space flight that created the Fantastic Four only enhanced his mutant flame abilities.

Astonishing Exiles[]

Johnny was plucked from reality by a being called the time broker. He told him as well as the others that something had gone wrong in his reality and they must work together to fix it. On their first mission they were sent to a reality where Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants fought and won World War 2. They now rule the planet and their mission was to kill Magneto and end his reign. Johnny fought off Magneto's forces in New York, defending his alternate reality sister while War Machine killed Magneto.

Their next mission was in a reality where Captain America was thawed out in the year 2099. They had to help the Avengers 2099 to defeat the Alchemax Enforcers and kill Walker Sloan before he can travel through reality and form his own Exiles. Johnny fought his sister's Alchemax clone while Jen took care of Sloan.

Their next mission was in a reality where Spider-Man was an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Their mission was to make sure he died in battle against Baron Octopus. Johnny went along with the plan to get Peter killed, much to Jen's dismay.

Their next mission was in a reality where the Fantastic Four consisted of Peter Parker/Pyre, Susan Storm-Parker/Elastic Woman, Johnny Storm/Nowhere Man, and Hank Pym/Beast. Johnny becomes best friends with his alternate reality counterpart. Their mission was to kill Reed Richards, who was the leader of the Frightful Four. Once again War Machine ends this mission by shooting Reed in the heart.

Their next mission was in a reality where every superhero except Colossus had been turned into a monstrous sombie. Their mission was to wipe out the zombie plague. During the mission Colossus was zombified. Phoenix was the one to activate the device that blew up all the zombies.

Their next mission was in a reality where Professor Xavier shared Magneto's dream and he helped him form the Brotherhood. Their mission was to form this reality's X-Men and get Professor Xavier to join them. Angel convinced him in the end.

The Exiles went on many more missions and he would eventually become best friends with Spitfire and Angel, and he would date Phoenix.