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Human Torch
Human Torch (Co).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Jonathan "Johnny" Storm
Alias Torch, Matchstick, Flamebrain, Hot Stuff
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Fantastic Four #1"

Johnny Storm is the best friend of Hal Jordan AKA the Thing. He is married to Supergirl.

The Flight[]

Johnny only went along because he wanted to be the first seventeen-year-old in space. He did set a world record, but at a cost. The ship was bombarded with cosmic rays, altering the four of them forever. The ship crashed on an island and Johnny developed fire powers. He chose the name Human Torch.

World's Greatest Heroes[]

The Fantastic Four quickly became the greatest heroes ever, and the first group of heroes ever to be formed. They became celebrities by not keeping their identities a secret. Johnny quickly became a ladies man. They fought several bad guys, including Dr. Doom.


There was one girl that Johnny ever truly fell in love with. Her name was Kara Kent. He met her at a party and asked her out just thinking she would be another chick. But they actually got to know each other and she told him she was Supergirl, the member of the X-Men. They fell in love and they even temporarily left their teams to live together. They of course realized that was wrong and returned to their teams. They remained together. After two years, Johnny proposed to her. She said yes.