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Iron Man's Exiles
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Leader Iron Man

Wonder Woman (formerly, still active)

Notable members

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Location Panoptichron
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An alternate version of Iron Man was defeated by the Avengers and thrown through the cracks of reality. He managed to survive somehow and recruited Venom, an evil version of Spider-Man, and an evil version of Wolverine. The four of them traveled through different realities, killing heartlessly. Eventually the Exiles managed to banish them to the Omniverse where they recruited an evil version of DC's Wonder Woman. They managed to return to the Marvel multiverse.

Mystique joined the team and posed as a member of the Good Men for a while.


When the Exiles traveled to Co-Existence they battled the Justice Alliance, and their version of Iron Man killed his alternate self. They were able to capture Wonder Woman, Mystique, and Spider-Man and jail them, but Venom stole Iron Man's dimensional traveler and set out on his own.

New Exiles[]

Iron Man somehow returned to life and freed Spider-Man and Mystique from prison. They then set out to recruit more villains into their army. They recruited versions of Hulk, Mimic, and Thing.

Venom Returns[]

After Wolverine killed Hulk accidentally, he and Spider-Man left the team, leaving only Iron Man, Mystique, Mimic, and Thing. Iron Man did not want to go to the trouble of finding another member. While he was trying to figure something out, they were attacked by Wonder Woman's Exiles. Iron Man realized that Venom was dead. They defeated Wonder Woman's Exiles and found Venom's body. He used a Lazarus Pit to revive him and the symbiote. Iron Man rewrote his brain to make him think that Wonder Woman killed him before he formed his own Exiles.