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Iron Man
Iron Man (Co).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Antonio "Tony" Stark
Alias Anthony, Shellhead
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Iron Man #1"

Tony Stark is the second richest man in America, after Bruce Wayne.

Kidnapped by the Kree[]

The Kree tried to live as normal humans to study them, but they kidnapped Tony Stark to build them new weapons. He developed a rare alien disease he caught from one of the aliens. Instead of building weapons for them, he built his own armor and defied them. He beat them and became a hero with his new armor.

I Am Iron Man[]

Tony instantly revealed to the world he was Iron Man and became just as big as the Fantastic Four. He faced several threats but none of them were as big as the shape-shifting Mandarin.

Vs. the Mandarin[]

Mandarin kidnapped Iron Man and placed him in a Labyrinth of his own making. Iron Man fought his way through and finally reached Mandarin. They battled and Tony barely managed to win.

The Cure[]

Tony's alien disease began spreading and he was turning into a creature. He went to Mr. Fantastic for help and the two of them were able to come up with a cure. But before he could take it, Tony mutated into a mantis-like creature and the Fantastic Four had to fight him. Mister Fantastic forced the cure down his throat and Tony reverted back into a normal human.

Justice Alliance[]