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Vital statistics
Real name James Howlett
Alias James Hudson, Logan, Wolverine
Age 12
Species Human Mutant
Production details
First appearance "Omniverse: Wolverine: Childhood Sucks #1"


Developing his Powers[]

James Howlett has just discovered his mutant powers. He was at first unable to retract his claws so the villagers thought he was a witch. They tried to storm their home but James's father told him to kill him and then run. At first James refused, but his father grabbed his arm and stabbed himself. He told his son he loved him and died. James ran but the villagers still attacked. James killed three of them and wandered out of the city.

On the Run[]

James found a city in Maine to hide in. He kept alternating between the forest and the city. He encountered two thugs, one of which he killed. The other one, Victor Creed began hunting him to kill him.


James was now being chased by Victor and Hemingway van Scranton. He boarded a train to Florida. Victor stole a motorcylce to chase after it but Hemingway instead caught a plane. When in Florida James met a girl named Rose. He kept her safe from Victor by killing him, but he was unable to save her from Hemingway. He hired an assassin named Wade Wilson and he killed Rose and attempted to kill James, but during their battle he was placed on the Exiles.



  • James hates being called Wolverine.
  • James was slightly based off of the movie version of Wolverine, portrayed by Hugh Jackman, in combination with the mainstream version of Wolverine.