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Vital statistics
Real name Jack Napier
Alias Puddin', Mista J, Eric Napier, Joe Palachi, Hector Beroge, Nick Wayne, Aaron Morales, Francis Samuels
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Batman #7"

Joker's name has been revealed as Jack Napier. He is the #1 Most Wanted Man in America.

Jack Napier[]

Even as Jack Napier, the Joker was a huge crime boss. One night he was being hunted by four cop squadrons, Batman, and an assassin hired by HYDRA. He evaded Batman, killed several cops and the assassin. Batman chased him to Ace Chemicals where they fought on a balcony. Jack was about to shoot Batman in the chin, but he grabs his wrist, twisted it, and threw him into the vat of green chemicals.


Weeks after that, Jack returned even more dangerous than ever before. He killed several people in one day, ultimately becoming Batman's greatest foe. They clash several times over and over and over.

Harley Quinn[]

When Joker was in Arkham Asylum, again, a psychiatrist named Harleen Quinzel had session with him. Eventually he made his move and kidnapped her. They got out of Arkham and she suffered from Stockholm Syndrome. She then became his apprentice.

Impersonating Batman[]

At some point Joker made his own Batman suit and claimed to be the real Batman. he used Harley as his Robin, which enraged the real Robin.

Joker as Batman

The real Batman and Robin fought with Joker and Harley and ended their charade.


When World War 3 broke out, Joker used one of Dr. Doom's machines and inserted himself with the God Particle. It took every hero in the Co-Existence world to bring him down. He was placed in a maxi-vault prison where he was meant to stay until his death.

Clash with Deadpool and Death[]

Joker easily escaped his prison and tried to lay low. However, Batman hired Deadpool to kill Joker. They battled throughout Gotham, probably killing dozens. Eventually Deadpool got lucky and splattered Joker's brains on the wall of an alleyway. His death led to Deadpool being honored, Harley and Ivy falling in love, and Gotham becoming a safer place.