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Vital statistics
Real name Piotr Rasputin
Alias Colossus
Age 28
Species Human Mutant
Production details
First appearance Castaways #1


Home Reality[]

Piotr as Colossus

In his home reality, Colossus became Juggernaut to defeat Cyclops who had gone insane and was possessed by the Phoenix Force. He had killed hundreds of people already, including Jean Grey.


He is one of the original six Castaways. When he was teleported to the Jungle Beyond Space and Time he met Spyke. Since neither of them had been properly introduced to each other they began to fight. The other Castaways arrived in time to break them up. Together they all went into the Diner by the swamp and the Timebroker explained their situation. He then teleported them to their first mission.

In the new world, Red Skull ruled America. Juggernaut and Spyke were placed on a team of two.They got along surprisingly well and they dominated in combat. They found Baron Zemo, but before they could hurt him, Trickster sacrificed himself to bring down Red Skull.

Other Missions[]