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Loki (Castaways).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Loki Laufeyson
Alias Loki Odinson, Andrea Blake
Age ~
Species Asgardian
Production details
First appearance Castaways #44


Home Reality[]

In her home reality, Loki decided to become a hero after she was put in a female's body. To prove she was being honest she saved an entire town from a flood. She was welcomed into the Avengers with open arms by her brother, Thor. She even created an Earth identity, Andrea Blake, to become Donald Blake's sister.


Loki joined the Castaways when A-Bomb was killed. At first she was attacked by Iron Man and Black Panther, who believed she was evil. She explained everything to them and they apologized to their new teammate.

On her first mission they went to a world where North America had been drowned by a tidal wave and was now an underwater city like Atlantis. Their mission was to drown the rest of the world, which they all found horrifying. After they got over it Loki was able to use her magical powers to drown the rest of the world, while Jean took care of Antarctica.

Other Missions[]