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Vital statistics
Real name Erik Lehnsherr
Alias Max Eisenhart, Erik Xavier
Species Human Mutant
Production details
First appearance "X-Men #10"

Erik Lehnsherr is a survivor of the Nazi Occupation and mutant with ferrokinesis. He is Charles Xavier's best firned and worst enemy.


As a child, Magneto's mother was killed by Nazis. He escaped Germany and grew up on the streets of America. When he discovered his powers, he was kidnapped by a serial killer. He saved himself by killing the man. He was detected by another young man who had discovered his powers, Charles Xavier. The two of them quickly became best friends.


Erik believed that mutants should be in charge of the world, but Charles disagreed with him. They fought and Magneto left Charles in the dust. He set out and became Magneto, the Mutant Terrorist.

Quarrels with the X-Men[]

Magneto and Charles were brought back together by fate, when he faced Charles's new team of young mutants consisting of Cyclops, Phoenix, Flash, Cyborg, and Nightcrawler. He was defeated and brought to a high security prison with absolutely no metal within 5 miles.