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Mandarin (Co).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Mandarin
Alias Yo Kinsing
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Iron Man #67"

Mandarin is the ancient forgotten Chinese God of Evil. He is a shape shifter and Iron Man's worst enemy.

The Labyrinth[]

Mandarin heard of the new hero called Iron Man and remembered his ancient enemy: Anthony, who wore a suit of armor and whose name is extremely similar. He wished to test Iron Man's abilities by created a maze for him to escape from. He kidnapped him and placed him within the maze. He got out and the two of them fought. Mandarin lost but Iron Man still had to retreat from his army of monsters.

Road Trip[]

Mandarin took his forces to New York where they wreaked havoc. The Justice Alliance fought him and he took his vengeance upon Iron Man. Eventually Iron Man opened a portal to the Negative Zone and forced Mandarin into it.

Confrontation with Brainiac[]

While in the Negative Zone he was found by Brainiac. He easily rewrote Mandarin's mind and made him Brainiac's personal slave that would obey him without second thought. Now they just need to get out of the Negative Zone.