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Mephisto (Co).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Mephisto
Alias Mephistopholes, Satan, Lucifer
Species Demon
Production details
First appearance "X-Men #79"

Mephistopholes is the master and arch-enemy of Ghost Rider.

Fall from Grace[]

Once, Mephisto was a beautiful angel by the name of Lucifer. He was the head of the Archangels. He believed God was not fit to lead the world. He and his fellow Archangels waged a war on God. He won and banished the Archangels to Hell, giving Lucifer the new name of Satan. He instead changed his name to Mephistopholes and altered his appearance to look like what is now known as a demon.

Centuries Later[]

Mephisto is most commonly known as Satan, but he is mentioned in whispers as Mephisto. He realized that God had given himself an amazing amount of offspring, so he decided to create the Ghost Rider. One by one he found ruthless criminals throughout the years, turning them into his messenger. But every time God found someone to wipe them out.

Wally West[]

When Mephisto was summoned by a desperate young man named Wally West, he decided to turn him into the Ghost Rider. At first, wally accepted, but he eventually betrayed Mephisto and became a hero, locking him in Hell with the help of the X-Men.