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Nightwing (Ultimate).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Jason Todd
Alias Jason Grayson, Tim Drake
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Justice is Served"


As a child Jason's mother taught him acrobatics and his father taught him martial arts. His parents were both acrobat performers in the circus. They were eaten by Killer Croc when he was eight. He then put his training to use and became Nightwing when he was seventeen. He became Gotham's protector and he even built his own base in the Gotham City Sewers.

Justice League[]

Jason was approached by S.U.P.E.R. (Secret Underground Patrol Espionage Rally) and recruited into the Justice League when he was twenty. He kept his distance from the other members.


During a solo mission Nightwing fought the Joker. Joker had the upper hand and he beat Nightwing to near death. Joker then shot him through the head. After his death, the Justice League hunted Joker and arrested him.