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Vital statistics
Real name Barbara Gordon
Alias Batgirl
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Oracle"


Born to the Force[]

Ever since Barbara was a little girl, her father trained her how to defend herself. He hoped that she would eventually follow in his footsteps and became Police Commissioner. However, when a new role model made his debut, Barbara wanted to be like him instead.


when Barbara discovered that Batman and Robin had been kidnapped by the Joker, she quickly made a make-shift costume and utility belt.She rushed to Ace Chemicals to help them.

Barbara as Batgirl

Barbara freed Batman and Robin and the three of them took down the Joker. They all revealed their identities to each other and they allowed Batgirl to work with them. She eventually began a relationship with Robin.


Two years after the disbandment of the Justice League, Batman and Batgirl worked together to stop the Penguin from releasing every animal in the zoo into Gotham City. However, Penguin shot Batgirl in the bottom of the spine and she was paralyzed. She then became the Justice League's overseer for missions.

Alternate Future[]

Barbara was one of the regular human casualties in the Earth-Apokalips war.