POLARIS (Exiles (LoRnA)
Vital statistics
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "A Long Way from Home..."


Polaris was born to Magneto and a human woman. However Magneto did not want a daughter and thought she would be human so he left her in the streets of New York. She was found by a man and woman who wanted a daughter and named her Lorna. When she was fifteen her powers erupted and she was taken into the X-Men where she befriended all the other New Mutants. One day during a battle against the Brotherhood of Evil she is personally fighting with her half-sister, Scarlet Witch. Neither of them know they are related so they do not hold back. Magneto takes notice of Lorna's powers and recognizes her. He demands that Scarlet Witch cease her attacks but she accidentally blasts another hex-blast and Lorna is plucked from time the very second it hits.

Amazing ExilesEdit

Lorna appears in the nowhere desert along with the others. When Blink tells them they have been chosen Polaris refuses but Iceman gets her to accept.

Lorna's First MissionEdit

The Exiles arrived on a world where Purple Man enslaved humanity. Polaris along with Iceman, Torch, and Rogue took on Purple Man's body guards. Polaris battled the Hulk with Iceman. When she got an opportunity she controlled Thor's hammer to crash to the ground and while Panther and Ace execute the mission they are all plucked into a new reality.

Other MissionsEdit