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Vital statistics
Real name Edward Nashton
Alias Eddie Schmidt
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Captain America #111"

Edward Schmidt Nashton is the grandson of the Red Skull.

Heir to HYDRA[]

When Edward was born, a HYDRA agent named Cheetah raised him, letting him know that the Red Skull was his grandfather. He lived up to his reputation and killed his first victim at the age of seven.

Born Leader[]

When Riddler took charge of HYDRA, some of the agents disapproved of his leaving clues to their schemes. He killed every single one that would dare defy him. They did not know, he always left fake hints.

Clash with Captain America[]

When Captain America attacked HYDRA, Riddler demanded that everyone lay off of him. He battled Cap himself, nearly killing him by slitting his throat, but Cap pulled through and got Riddler arrested.

Suicide Squad[]

Riddler was brainwashed into becoming a member of the Suicide Squad, along with Juggernaut, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Beetle, and Songbird. Eventually he regained his memory through the super-soldier formula and killed Beetle and Deadshot. He returned to HYDRA, to find that Cheetah had become the leader. He shot her through the head and regained his position.

The Ultimate Kill[]

During World War 3, Riddler saw to it that he attacked Captain America personally. He kidnapped him and beat him to a pulp in an abandoned warehouse, with a crowbar. He mocked Captain America. He insulted him. He stabbed him the the shoulder and said he was going to enjoy beating him to death. He realizes he does not have time, so he sets a bomb and stabs in the stomach. For good measure, she shoots him in both legs and wishes him good luck. The bomb blows up, killing Captain America.

Most Wanted man in America[]

After Captain America's murder, every superhero was searching for the Riddler. He was hiding out in Metropolis under a new name with a new face, going by Roger Stevenson. When Iron Man found him, he barely managed to escape and he got into Canada.

Venom's Exiles[]

When Riddler was hiding out, he was approached by Venom and three of his partners. They offered him a spot on the team, and realizing he had no better option, he accepted. After Wonder Woman betrayed them and began killing them, he was the only one who managed to escape back to his home reality.