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Robin II (Co).png
Vital statistics
Real name Jason Todd
Alias Lil' Robin
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Batman #100"

Jason Todd is the second Robin and the adopted brother of Dick Grayson.


Jason Todd's father was eaten by Killer Croc before he was even born. His mother was evicted from her apartment and Jason was raised on the streets. She died when he was ten. He lived on his own by stealing car tires and selling them for money.


One night he stumbled upon the Batmobile and attempted to steal its tires. Batman returned in time and took Jason under his wing. he tried to turn Jason into a decent young man, and he succeeded. However, he would still lash out on occasion.

Meeting Nightwing[]

When Nightwing learned Batman got a new Robin, he returned to Wayne Manor to meet him. Jason idolized Nightwing and they both agreed that they were and always will be brothers. Nightwing then gave Jason one of his staffs and returned to his girlfriend in Bludhaven.

Young Defenders[]