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Marian Carlyle (Ultimate Rogue).jpg
Vital statistics
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "A Long Way from Home..."


Marian Carlyle was kidnapped by Weapon X when she was a child. She, along with eight other mutants (Colossus, Storm, Nightcrawler, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Wolverine, Iceman, and Beast), were raised to be weapons. Eventually Wolverine broke them all free and they formed the X-Men. One day when they were battling Weapon X again Rogue was attacked by another mutant with the power to make explosions. He was going to make her blow up but she was plucked from time the second the bomb goes off.

Amazing Exiles[]

Marian arrived in the nowhere desert and Blink told them they were the new Exiles. Marian accepted, thinking it would be fun.

Rogue's First Mission[]

The Exiles arrived in the Purple Man reality. Ace and Panther took out Purple Man while Rogue and the others handled his body guards. She was battling Thor and managed to absorb some of his abilities and managed to lift Mjolnir and struck him down. Ace executed the mission and they were brought to a new reality.

Other Missions[]