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Rogue (Castaways).png
Vital statistics
Real name Anna Marie Raven
Alias Marian Carlyle
Age 19
Species Human Mutant
Production details
First appearance Castaways #85


Home Reality[]

In her home world, Rogue was a member of the X-Men. At one point, she was badly injured and was knocked out. She couldn't breathe so the only other X-Man present at the time, Magneto used CPR on her. The contact lasted a little too long and they switched powers permanently.


Rogue joined the Castaways when Quicksilver died. Her first mission was on a world where the Dark Phoenix enslaved humanity and forced the world's heroes to fight for he entertainment. Their mission was to separate Jean from the Phoenix Force so Loki performs a spell that restores Rogue's former powers temporarily. She uses them to absorb the Phoenix Force out of Jean, but when the spell wore off, Loki did another spell to repel the Phoenix Force from Rogue and without a host, it dissipated and died.

Other Missions[]