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Spider-Man (NAoA).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Peter Parker
Alias Pincer
Age 21
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "New Age of Apocalypse #1"


Before Apocalypse came to Earth, Peter was already Spider-Man, but his life was worse than any other alternate version. After his Uncle Ben was stabbed by a feral mutant, his Aunt died of a heart attack. Peter was abused by his new parents. He became Spider-Man to avenge his fallen family and when he was eighteen he became an employee at Stark Industries.

They were studying a new alien life form that bonded with Peter, but since it had been domesticated by all the electro-shock therapy, Peter was in full control. At first he was drunk with power and he attacked his adoptive father. He stopped himself and left.

After quitting his job at Stark Industries he moved in with his girlfriend, Liz Allan. He became the new Daily Bugle Editor, taking the place of the late J. Jonah Jameson.

On a seemingly normal day, the Earth was attacked by Apocalypse and his mutant army. He arrived through a rift in time and his army of followers came after. He wreaked havoc all across the world. Peter rushed home to make sure Liz was okay, and she was just knocked out. He took her to a safe place and went out to fight.

Peter teamed up with his enemy, Electro, to fight the armies. The two of them ended teaming up with the other heroes, Thing, Nightcrawler, Emma Frost, and Colossus. The six of these heroes found a safe-zone where Apocalypse's forces had not reached yet. They set up base and went back to get other heroes or people who are willing to fight.

Spider-Man was made the leader of the X-Men. He led the other five X-Men into the rubble of Avengers Mansion where they found Hulk buried in the rubble. They free him and they learn that the Hulk's mind is dead and Bruce Banner took over. He joins the X-Men and they begin their final assault on Apocalypse.