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Spyke (Castaways).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Evan Daniels
Alias Evan Munroe
Age 19
Species Human Mutant
Production details
First appearance Castaways #1


Home Reality[]

Spyke's Human Form

In his home reality Evan had rejoined the X-Men after they defeated Apocalypse. He learned how to retract his spykes and he formed a relationship with Rogue.


Spyke was one of the original six Castaways. He met Juggernaut first, but since neither of them had ever properly met the other in their reality, they fought. When the other heroes found them they broke them up. They all entered a Diner next to a swmp where the Timebroker explained their situation to them. He then sent them off to their mission.

In this new reality, Red Skull ruled the world after winning WW2. Spyke and Juggernaut were paired as a team and actually got along pretty well, forming a friendship. They didn't find Red Skull, instead they fought one of his lieutenants, Baron Zemo. However, before they could get their hands on him, Trickster took down Red Skull, sacrificing himself in the process.

Other Missions[]