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Vital statistics
Real name Ororo Munroe
Alias Stormy Days, 'Roro
Species Human Mutant
Production details
First appearance "Iron Man #18"

Ororo Munroe used to be a street thief in Africa, but Professor X offered her a better chance.

Being Raised in America[]

After being taken to America Professor X raised her. she came out of the closet at age 17 and he accepted her, already knowing.


Ororo became a hero named Storm and several people changed their minds on mutants after being saved by her.

Justice Alliance[]

After joining the Justice Alliance, Storm and Wonder Woman began a relationship. Storm considered proposing to Diana, but after Diana confessed that she wasn't ready for marriage, Ororo put it on hold.


After fighting the MRD, she was shot with a cure dart and lost her powers. She left the Justice Alliance, but Diana begged her to stay. She refused, telling Diana she loves her one last time. She decides to return to Wakanda, but her place crashes in the middle of the ocean before they can arrive. She floats on debris until landing on Paradise Island. She was accepted by the residents and she became an Amazon.