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Thing (Co).png
Vital statistics
Real name Hal Jordan
Alias Rocky
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Fantastic Four #1"

Hal Jordan is the best friend of Reed Richards and the boyfriend of Carol Ferris.

The Flight

Hal tried to convince his girlfriend, Carol Ferris, to come with him. she refused saying they needed someone guiding them on the ground. After being exposed to cosmic radiation, Hal was turned into the Thing.

World's Greatest Heroes

After the FF's public debut, the Thing was idolized by disfigured children and adults across the country. However, all he wanted was to return to normal.


When Reed came up with a cure, Hal lost his memories of the Fantastic Four. As Carol tried to bring his memories back, Green Lantern returned to FF in his place. When the FF couldn't bring down the Mole Man's army, Hal became the Thing again and saved his family.

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