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Vital statistics
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Death to All"

Home Reality[]

Eddie Brock killed his reality's version of Spider-Man and Captain America. he became the most wanted man in America. Eventually he killed every other symbiote, absorbing them into his own. He single-handedly took down S.H.I.E.L.D. and overtook New York.

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Iron Man's Exiles[]

When Iron Man approached him, Venom attempted to kill him. Iron man took him down and offered the chance to be on his Exiles. Venom accepted and became second-in-command.

DC Multiverse[]

When the Exiles stumbled upon a different multiverse entirely, they found an evil version of the heroine Wonder Woman. She joined the team and Venom attempted to flirt with her on several occasions, but she just waved it away.


After Wolverine's death, Wonder Woman betrayed the Exiles. They left the current reality they were in, leaving Wonder Woman stranded. Venom, Iron Man, and Spider-Man then began travelling through the multiverse, trying to find new members.

Forming his own Exiles[]

After Mystique, Spider-Man, and Wonder Woman were imprisoned and Iron Man was dead, Venom escaped through a portal and began forming his own Exiles. He recruited Lizard, Colossus, Riddler, and Black Panther. The five of them returned to the Co-Existence world and set Wonder Woman free, and she joined their team.


Eventually Wonder Woman betrayed him, ripped off his symbiote, and snapped his neck. She then went off and formed her own exiles.

Return to Iron Man's Exiles[]

After Iron Man and his new Exiles were attacked by Wonder Woman's Exiles, they found Venom's body and dumped him in a Lazarus Pit. Iron Man rewrote his memory into believing he was killed before forming his exiles. He rejoined Iron Man and fought both Wonder Woman's and Spider-Man's Exiles at different times.


Iron Man led his team to find Wonder Woman's Exiles. Venom did not believe Wonder Woman when she reminded him of his own Exiles. After Iron Man killed Batwoman, Mystique was taken by Wonder Woman.

Later, they went to find Spider-Man's Exiles. In the ensuing battle, Venom managed to kill Namor by snapping his neck and then ripping his head off, then eating it. Spider-Man stopped the battle and suggested that the seven of them form one big Exiles team. Though Hulk did not agree, Venom was excited to be on the same team as Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Wonder Woman again.