Wolverine (The Good men)
Vital statistics
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Beauty and the Beast"

Wolverine's real name is James Logan unlike many other versions of himself where his name is James Howlett.


Early LifeEdit

When James was very young his parents were taken by the angry villagers and burned for having a mutant son. This made James run off into the wild. He was raised by a wolf pack until the age of 19 where a man named William Stryker found him. He joined Stryker's team Weapon X. He befriended Victor Creed and Silver Fox but not Deadpool. Wolverine and Silver Fox attempted to leave but Sabretooth tries to get them back and loses control and ends up killing Silver Fox. Wolverine escapes after killing Stryker.


When the original X-Men were captured in Krakoa Wolverine and several other mutants were assembled to save them. After rescuing the originals Wolverine became a mentor towards the young student Kitty Pryde. He trained her and they became sort of friends.


For a short amount of time Wolverine joined the Avengers but got tired of the Hulk and Hawkeye so he left.

New Fantastic FourEdit

When the Fantastic Four were presumed dead by America a new Fantastic Four was formed out of Wolverine, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, and Grey Hulk. They became as famous as thew old four. Eventually they discovered the old four were still alive and they rescued them from the Skrulls. After that the New FF disbanded.

Weapon XEdit

Wolverine formed his own team of mutant assassins consisting of himself, Mystique, Sabretooth (who he had formed a friendship with), and Deadpool (who took the name Merc). After being tortured to near death by Magneto Wolverine disbanded Weapon X.


Wolverine went back to Canada to try and create a new life. He met a Japanese woman named Mariko and they fell in love. They started living together and he escaped his past life. However, William Stryker was somehow alive and he found Wolverine and Mariko with his new Weapon X. They killed Mariko and kidnapped Wolverine. He was brainwashed and forced to work for Weapon X again.

The Good MenEdit

Shadowcat and her team, the Good Men, find Wolverine brainwashed in Canada. They manage to defeat him and Iron Fist manages to give him his mind back with a spell. Wolverine thanks them and Kitty offers for him to join their team. He accepts and the Good Men help him take out Weapon X and he throws Stryker into a vat of liquid Adamantium. He lights a fire and throws it into the Adamantium and the Good Men return to America.