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Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman (Ultimate).jpg
Vital statistics
Real name Diana Prince
Alias Wonderella, Lesbian Woman (by Batman only)
Species Human
Production details
First appearance "Justice is Served"


Diana was the Princess of Themyscira. After her girlfriend, Arisia, died of a heart attack, she left for man's world. She became the superheroine Wonder Woman.

Justice League[]

Wonder Woman was recruited by the organization known as S.U.P.E.R. (Secret Underground Patrol Espionage Rally). She was appointed leader of the Justice League. they were assigned the tasks of hunting down Batman and Superman, since they both turned to the dark side. Wonder Woman was nearly killed by Superman, and she would have been, had Green Lantern not taken him out.

Meeting Barbara[]

Diana met a young woman named Barbara Ann Minerva. They fell in love and began to date, until Barbara was cursed by a ancient witch. She turned into the menacing Cheetah and fought the Justice League. Wonder Woman eventually cured her and she returned to normal. She joined the Justice League as their overseer, monitoring their missions.